Here is a quick demo:

When you require an active pass to make a class reservation, the system determines the customer has a valid pass for that specific class. If they do, they are allowed to make the reservation - if not they are prompted to purchase a pass.

This is a feature of our Banyan Plan, as it requires both customer logins and online payments to work effectively.  

How to make required an active pass:

1. From your Online Reservation settings, scroll down to the Limitation section. Here you'll select the following options:

  • Force customers to log in to make class reservations

  • Limit the number of reservations to visits purchased

    As shown in the picture below:

2. Enable the active pass required setting on a class-by-class basis.

In order to configure this, click Manage -> Classes.   Click on the class that you want to restrict, and click Edit Class.

In the class settings, you'll select the option to Require an active pass, and press save.

Punchpass can also prevent a customer from making more class reservations than they have purchased in visits.  This is a global setting you can find in your Online Reservations settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to require an active pass for my Advanced Level class, but not for my Beginning Level class, can I set that up with Punchpass?

Yes! You'll adjust your Online Reservation settings to NOT require an active pass for all classes.

And then you'll enable the requirement for an active pass in the Advanced class, but not for the Beginner class.

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