Punchpass gives you several options for giving your new customers free or discounted passes.

If you want to offer a steep discount for a new customer's very first online pass purchase, you can do that really easily!  Click here to learn how to offer a special pass online to new customers only. This pass must have some value, even if it is very small.

If you wish to allow new clients to purchase a completely free pass online, you can give a discount code to those who qualify.  Click here to learn more about Discount Codes.

You can also offer a membership with a free trial period -- to encourage folks to become a regular at your classes by signing up for a membership online... but with no up-front cost.  Click here to learn how to offer a free trial at the start of a customer's membership.

Want to offer a completely free pass in-studio?  Just set up a "Free Trial" pass that costs $0.

You won't offer the trial pass online.

When a new customer calls for a reservation or comes to class, you can set up their customer profile -- and be sure to collect their email! Then you can just assign the trial pass to the new customer:

Once the pass has been assigned to the customer, you take attendance normally. The new customer can make reservations normally too.

When their pass runs out or expires, they will have to buy a pass. They'll get an automated notification when their pass is nearly up! :)

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