By default, customers are able to create their own accounts by signing up at your organization's Punchpass hosted web pages.

But if you want, you can prevent customers from being able to create their own accounts, and create them manually yourself.

To do so, go to Manage Settings > Online Reservations. Uncheck the box to let customers create their own accounts and click Save. Customers will now be prompted to contact you in order to have an account created for them, and they won't be able to book spots in a class without an account.

How do I create an account for a customer manually?

Log into Punchpass and navigate to the Customers section. Press the + New Customer button.

You'll then be prompted to complete the customer's account details.

And then invite the customer to create a login for their account

Please visit the Info tab of the customer account, click More button and select the option from the dropdown menu to invite the customer to create a login.

The customer will receive an email inviting them to create an account.  There is no rush, they can create the account on their schedule.  

Creating an account involves clicking the button in the email shown above, setting a password, and then finally confirming their email address.

Here is a short demo for requiring invitations for customer login:

What if I don't see the button to invite them?
If the customer does not have an email address OR the email is not valid then we do not let you invite them.

Why would you want to prevent customers from creating accounts?

If you want to restrict class reservations to a specific group of customers, then this feature lets you do that. Many private trainers only allow pre-screened customers to sign up for their group classes.

Can I make certain fields required?

Not at this time, but we're tracking interest in this feature.

Can I invite an existing customer without a login?


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