If Punchpass is unable to match a class reservation with an existing customer, then there is a quick step you need to take to process the reservation.

We do this to prevent any junk/spam customer data from being created in your account.

It's easy! Here's how:

1) You can process unmatched reservations in two spots. Either from the Homepage by clicking Click to View, or from Reports > Unmatched  

2) You'll see a list of unmatched reservations. To match one simply click on it. You'll see a few different options. You can...

  • Create a brand new customer
  • Match the reservation to an existing customer through the dropdown list of current customers
  • Delete the reservation

We will alert you when you first log in if there are any unmatched reservations. Once you get the hang of it, matching reservations is very quick and easy. It helps keep you on top of new customers for your business AND helps prevent any bad data from entering the system.

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