Punchpass offers a report to help you eliminate duplicate customer emails in your Punchpass account.

You must clean up any duplicates in order to use Punchpass Customer Logins

To see your duplicates, go to View Customers and click Duplicate Emails on the top menu.

When you select the Duplicate Emails report, the list of customers with duplicates will automatically be generated.

If you uncovered some duplicate emails, they might be there for one of two reasons:

SITUATION 1: Family Shared Email - duplicates were created on purpose

Duplicate emails are typically intentional. Say, a mother & daughter are each customers, but the mother manages her daughter's account. So, the mother's email may show up as a duplicate. In this case, you must change the email address for one of the customer accounts. Remember that each customer MUST have an email address in order to make an online reservation for classes. So, leaving one of the emails blank is not an option.

Click to learn about Shared Accounts and managing Family Accounts.

SITUATION 2: Duplicate Customer Accounts - duplicates were not intentional

The other possibility is that the duplicate email was not intentional and you truly have duplicate customer accounts. If this is the case, you will want to use the Merge Customers tool to clean them up.

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