If you enable Customer Logins, your customers can log into Punchpass to purchase passes, reserve their spot in classes, and manage their information.

One of the great things about Punchpass is that you have the option to allow your customers to make reservations even if they don't have a login.

Here's how your customers can set up an account and login. Feel free to share this how-to with your customers!

But there are some advantages to allowing Customer Logins:

  • You can require your customers to log in and pay before booking. Or keep logins optional for those customers who want them.

  • Your customers can see how many visits they have left on their current pass without having to ask you. They can see the expiration date as well.

  • Your customers can just click right through your Punchpass schedule online to log in and make a reservation.

  • Customers can book with one click once they are logged in. Multiple class reservations become much quicker.

  • Once customers log in, they’ll see their upcoming reservations right on the schedule, preventing duplicate reservations.

  • Customers can see their complete attendance and pass usage history.

  • No need to match reservations for account holders.

  • If you want, you can control your list of clients entirely and prevent customers from being able to create their own accounts. Customer logins will be initiated by you instead so they are limited to the customers you've pre-screened.

  • You can offer individual passes for sale online to only those customers who have log in access.

Customer Logins are available on selected Punchpass plans.  If want to check them out, we'd be glad to let you try a new plan for a week at no charge. Just let us know & we'll take care of you.

Here is an example of what your customer sees once they have logged in:

Here's how to set up Customer Accounts:

1 - Log into your Punchpass account and click on Manage Account, Online Reservations

2 - Choose whether your clients can create an account without your involvement.

 By default, customers can create their own accounts online (this box is checked). But if you want to restrict account creation, you may uncheck this box.

Restricting account creation:

3 - Decide whether to funnel all of your customers into a customer login.

You can force all customers to login by checking this check box if you would like to restrict access to your reservation form.

By default, customer accounts are optional for your customers. Making accounts optional for class reservations gives your customers the choice -- so they don't have to create an account & password and can book online via your open form if they prefer.  

4 - You also have the ability to lock down reservations even further by limiting signups to the number of visits a customer has left on their pass.

5 - In conjunction with the above settings, you can require a customer to have an active pass to make a class reservation...and you can make a different choice for different classes on your schedule. For example, you can require a pass for advanced classes, but not for beginner classes. 

To turn this restriction on for a particular class, go to Manage Account=> Manage Classes and go into each class individually.

When you're done setting things up, we recommend that you go to your public schedule and set up your own 'test' customer account in order to see how the process works. We then recommend you let your customers know about it!


Your customers DO NOT log in where YOU log in. The only place they can log in is on your public Punchpass hosted page. There is a complete separation in Punchpass between the adminstrative users and the customer accounts. Please follow this link for more information on how to give your customers login support.

When a customer sets up a new account login, Punchpass will check to see if he/she is already a current customer by matching the login email to the email addresses you already have on file. If Punchpass finds a match, the matching customer that you already have on file will be directly tied to the newly created login...so that person will be able to see his or her current and historical information.

If you have online payments enabled, your customers can always purchase passes online without having an account.

Our goal is to give you the flexibility to set up your reservation system the way that works best for your business.

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