If you have online pass purchases set up with Stripe, you should understand how passes purchased online are matched with your customers.

If a person purchases a pass without being logged in, Punchpass automatically matches the new pass to a customer from your existing list based on email address.

If Punchpass does not find a matching email for an incoming pass purchase, the system assumes that this is a new customer & adds the new customer to your account. You'll have the new customers' name and email from then on, so subsequent pass purchases will be matched automatically.

When a customer makes a pass purchase from within their login, Punchpass always knows exactly which of your customers has done that -- no matching step is ever needed. Learn more about customer logins here.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you do not have any duplicate email addresses in the system -- Punchpass will match on the first email it finds that matches the email entered online. Learn more about finding & eliminating your duplicates here

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