Your passes in Punchpass allow you to collect a one-time charge and give your customers access for a limited time frame and/or a certain number of visits.

NOTE: Unlike regular passes, memberships in Punchpass give you recurring revenue while your customers get ongoing access.  Click here to learn more about memberships.

Here are some facts about Punchpass passes:

  • A Punch Card has a limited number of spots on it (like 10 spots for $200, if you're charging $20/class). So, it's like they prepaid for 10 classes. Every time a person is marked as attending a class, one of the spots is used up -- after attending 1 class, there are 9 spots left on the pass (etc.).
  • An Unlimited Pass allows an unlimited number of visits before the pass expires. So, you might charge someone $150/month to attend as many classes as they want for the next month. Your customer can theoretically get a better deal if they attend lots of classes. But you could potentially benefit from someone who attends sporadically over that time frame.
  • When a customer is assigned a pass in Punchpass, a customized receipt can be generated and sent to the customer via email.
  • When you take attendance, Punchpass finds the pass in your customer's profile and debits it. If a customer doesn't have a valid pass, you'll know!
  • You can't change the number of credits that are deducted from a Punch Card when a person attends a class. But you can mark a person multiple times for attendance to debit more than one spot from a pass.
  • An email reminder can be automatically sent from Punchpass if someone has 2 visits left OR there is 1 week until it expires. You can customize the wording too! 
  • You'll tell Punchpass which passes correspond with with each of your classes -- so you can be sure to collect the correct amounts for your different classes.
  • Your passes can have pending start dates or future start dates if you choose.
  • You can sort your passes however you prefer.
  • You can sell your passes online with Punchpass/Stripe.
  • You can always tell when someone does or doesn't have a pass in Punchpass.
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