The first thing you should know is that Punchpass will ALWAYS check for a customer's valid pass when you're taking attendance before class. This is true regardless of which Punchpass plan you use. This allows you a lot of flexibility regarding when & how you sell passes to your customers. Our attendance-taking process allows you to quickly assign a pass to a customer if they need one on the spot too -- you can read more about how to take attendance here

But if you want to enforce payment before customers make advance reservations, there are a few different ways to do that in Punchpass:


I want my customers to have a valid pass before they make a reservation for a class. But there is flexibility on which classes they might register for.

For example, a 10 class pass might be valid for a variety of classes. You want to allow your customers to book into their desired classes, but they have flexibility regarding which class times they book into.

If you require your customers to have a pass before they can book a reservation, we show them which passes & memberships are eligible for the class they're booking so they can choose and purchase one. Then we bring them right back to the class they were trying to book so they can make their reservation as planned.

The Punchpass Banyan Plan has you covered for this situation, as you will need to have both Customer Logins and Online Pass Purchases through Stripe. You can require a customer to have an active pass to make a class reservation...and you can make a different choice for different classes on your schedule. Here's an overview about Customer Logins & how to Require an Active Pass to Book.

If you want to try out the Banyan plan, just let us know & we'll let you try it for a week at no charge.


I have a single day workshop at a special price, and I want my customers to reserve and pay for it in advance.

For example, we have a guest instructor who will offer a special half-day class. Or I schedule a special monthly event in addition to my normal routine classes.

To allow a packaged "book and pay" for this situation, just set up the class as Prepaid.  Here's how to do that.


I have a series of dates on my calendar that I want to sell as a package deal. I want my customers to reserve and pay for it in advance.

This might be a 6-week series for beginners, held on the same day & time each week over that time period.

This might be a 200 hour teacher training that happens every weekday over the course of 4 weeks.

This might be a 3-day special workshop.

To allow a packaged "book and pay" for these situations, you'll need to have the Birch or Banyan plan (since both online reservations & online payments via Stripe are involved). If you want to try out the Birch or Banyan plan, just let us know & we'll let you try it for a week at no charge.

To set up the book and pay feature, you'll

  1. Define a pass that corresponds with the cost of your package.
  2. Set up your class dates on your calendar & bundle them together as a series. You'll package the series with the pass you just defined -- that will be sold when booking to cover the cost. Here's more about how to set that up.
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