How To See Your Memberships

Click on Pass Reports, then the button for Memberships. That will list all active and pending memberships. You can also go directly to an individual customer's membership by clicking on their name in the customer list to see their account details page. There is a link to the membership in the Active pass they have that is linked to the membership.

Assigning A Customer A Membership From Inside Punchpass

If you go to the customer's account detail page, there is an option to assign the customer a membership, right next to the button to assign them a pass.

Memberships can start immediately, OR you can assign a customer a membership that begins in the future. This is helpful if you are trying to synchronize the membership with an existing one in different software, or the customer can't pay/start right away. You'll see that option when you click Assign A Membership (the start date defaults to the current day.) Memberships that haven't started yet are listed as PENDING in the Memberships report.

Changing The Credit Card Used For A Membership

If a membership was purchased online we have captured the customer's credit card information and saved it in your Stripe account. If you view the membership in Punchpass you'll see the card that was used. There's an option to change the card if the customer requests to, as well as a direct link to the subscription in your Stripe account if you need to troubleshoot any payment issues.

Your customers with recurring memberships can update their own credit card information as well.  Customers who are logged into Punchpass can do it right from their account.  

You can also send customers a special link they can use to update the credit card used to pay for their membership. 

Converting An Existing Membership To Be Paid By Credit Card

If you have an EXISTING membership, you can convert that membership to be paid via credit card. For example, someone starts a membership paying via check, but now doesn't want to have to remember to pay you each month. Again, go to the membership (Pass Reports, Memberships) and there will be a button to Add Credit Card. This will pop up a credit card form. Enter the card details. That will save the customer and card details in your Stripe account, and set the customer up to be charged on the NEXT billing date for the membership. (You cannot go back and charge for a billing that is past due.)

Adjusting The Initial RENEWAL Date of a Membership

Sometimes when you first create a membership you want to adjust the renewal date...maybe to synchronize with an existing membership in another system. To do this, first create the membership while you're logged in to Punchpass. Then you'll be taken to the membership's details, and there will be a link to change the initial period end date. Click it to change the end date.


1) You can only change the date during the first 'period' of the membership (the length of the first pass issued.) After that you cannot adjust the dates of the membership.

2) This date adjustment is only available when you establish the membership within Punchpass if Stripe is not involved. If the membership is initiated online by your customer & they pay via Stripe, you won't be able to adjust the membership renewal dates.

Changing a Customer's Membership From One Type to Another

You can change a customer from one membership to another without breaking the billing 'chain' in Stripe. This is particularly useful if you have a customer with a 'good until canceled' membership, and you want to move them over to a different membership type.

Just click on the customer's membership, and you'll see a change button:

There are some limitations to be aware of! First, you cannot change the renewal dates. Second, we don't prorate the change in membership...all we do is cancel the CURRENT membership at the end of the current renewal date, and start the customer on a NEW membership at that time. No email receipts about the change are sent.

So if they are currently paying $100/month, and the membership renews on Dec 15th, and you move them to a membership that is $140/month.....
On Dec 15th they are charged $140 instead of $100
On Dec 15th their access in Punchpass changes to reflect the NEW membership.

Pausing a Membership

You can pause a customer's recurring membership if a customer needs a temporary break.   If you're collecting via Stripe, Punchpass will manage the payment scheduling and collection throughout the process.   😀

Just access the membership and click "pause". No further payments will be collected, but the customer can keep attending class until their current pass runs out (since they've already paid for their current membership period).  When the customer returns, you can reactivate the membership so it starts back up immediately.

Canceling a Membership

Your customers cannot cancel their own memberships. A membership can only be canceled by you, on the admin side of Punchpass. 

Just click on their membership and cancel it.

Changing the Price of a Membership

You can't change the price of a membership that's already active so you'll need to define a new membership with the new price.  

You can then move students over if necessary to the new membership type. The billing is adjusted so the transition is smooth.  See above for "Changing a Customer's Membership From One Type to Another"

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